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An original collection of meals that resulted from our belief that there is more to eating than just food. We eat so we have the strength to work for our loved ones, or to celebrate the milestones our children achieved. Often times in the busyness of it, we forgot about ourselves.

Meal Series are designed to integrate into your life habits and goals, including providing you the nutrition you need.

High-protein, clean meals for the go-getter.
Poached Chicken in Rosemary &
Mushroom with Succotash
47g protein
Ribeye Beefballs on
Egg Tagliatelle Pasta
55g protein
Honey Sriracha Salmon Bowl
with Garlic Ginger Wild Rice
43g protein
Low-carb, high fat meals for weight loss and mental performance.
We're finalising up our menu and will be launching very soon!
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Coconut Chicken Curry
with Cauliflower Rice
Chicken Sausage &
Chipotle Shakshuka
Nutritiously balanced semi-meal for hassle-free easy mornings
Wholewheat Pita with
Chickpea Hummus,
Grilled Eggplant
& Mushrooms
Acai Pudding with
Berries and Mango
Beef Pastrami & Potato
Hash with Egg Mayo
Mango Manuka Muesli
Chia Protein Muesli
Protein+ (Pack of 3)
Kimchi Chicken Thigh, 450g
37g Protein
Why Meal Series, not Meal Plan?
Meal plans are typically a predetermined set of meals which require high commitment in consuming it each day. It begs the question, what happens after your meal plan ends? Instead, all Fitness Ration meals stay fresh in your freezer for up to a month, giving you the freedom to eat whenever you need to. A meal ready to go in your home; this is our approach in bringing a sustainable healthful lifestyle.

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