High Protein. Clean Meals
For Recovery, Nourishment & Build

Choice of High or Low Carb

Get the right carbohydrate intake for your lifestyle.

High carb recipes of
at least 50g carbs

Paired with mostly low GI starches
Perfect for mass gain and sustaining physical activities.

Low carb recipes no more
than 25g carbs

Paired with mostly fibrous greens
Great for weight loss, blood sugar control amongst other benefits.

The Active Meal Series™ supports any active approach to health, including

& Muscle
of All Levels
& Weight



Musclemania Orient 2018 Figure Top 4,
Yahoo & Young Parents Featured Fitmom

• Eats relatively clean
• Cheat meals in moderation
• Works out consistently to keep lean

As a full-time trainer, I have to teach while prepping for competitions. I train when I can, and leave the nutrition to Fitness Ration for both pre and post workout. It's easy because it heats up in no time at all. Even when I'm off competition, I still eat it to keep lean because it tastes so awesome. It's not like any diet out there.
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What if I just want healthier selections for my family? Not all of us are active.
Not to worry. The ACTIVE menu is of adequate portion for all ages as lunch or dinner. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, go for the low carb selections that are packed with fibrous greens. Children are naturally active and need lots of micronutrients, so go for our low GI, high carb dishes. As for seniors, fish dishes are perfect given its soft texture and high omega-3 content.

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