Started in 2015, Fitness Ration was founded on the mission to fight obesity and modern city-bound health issues. We made a conscious decision to design our business model towards providing a more sustainable healthy eating experience.

Like a modern version of the traditional tingkat, our 100% natural meals can stay fresh in your freezer and saves you the need from receiving not-warm, stale food on a daily basis. It also means you never have to wait 32 minutes for delivery. It's right there with you in your fridge!

We use a method of freezing that allows the food to cool down quickly so that ingredients are not compromised in terms of taste, quality and more importantly, nutrition. All you need to do is give it a few minutes in the steamer or microwave (or oven) to heat the meals up, and there you go! We found that even the little ones can manage, so it's the perfect, healthy after-school lunch.

Our recipes are categorized by Meal Series, each specifically designed to offer high protein and calibrated to meet certain health and fitness goals. Today, we’ve cooked over a hundred original recipes, and served over 200,000 meals. You can learn more under the Meal Series and Nutrition tab.

When you order from Fitness Ration, you are joining the movement for better dietary habits. No subscriptions, just order bundle and enjoy 24/7.

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