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Smart Food Makes Sharp Minds and Steady Bodies

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When was the last time we thought about our aspirations?

With fully calibrated meals delivered anywhere, you'll have the time and strength to go for it

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Frozen is the new fresh

Like having a reliable stash in your freezer, snap freezing your meals is genius because it locks in all the nutrients and texture.

Enjoy a month-long shelf life at 100% natural, no artificial preservatives or additives.

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Full stacked benefits

From sourcing to prep, washing to cooking, portioning to delivery islandwide, we process everything by hand so you never have to.

With our economies of scale, get healthy food at the daily price it should be and made by the people you can trust.

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Perfect portions

It's not just about the calories. You body is unique and everyone has different goals. For instance, you’re definitely going to need a whole lot more food if you’re a marathoner.

Check out how our nutritional calibrations help your body become what you need it to.

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